"Only a professional partner makes your busines better!"


BioMedical Centrum was founded in 2012 primarily with the aim of providing high level professional support for Hungarian and foreign pharma companies in their Hungarian product regulatory and registration tasks. However, for today the range of services has been expanded: literature and clinical summaries, expert opinions, scientific education and advanced training courses, presentations, product marketing and distribution and consultancy.

“We provide a professional assistance to the companies. We know that, one of the fundamental pillars behind a successful product is an appropriate scientific background. We believe that, the professional knowledge is the best support for the development of companies. Therefore, BioMedical Centrum is an effective partner in this innovation and such a way makes your company better.”

Tímea Balassa M.Sc.
General Manager

Our latest service area has been brought to life by highly specialized needs. Our associates work with meditation, yoga, and various stress management methods for complex activities for smaller groups and companies. Our customized practices are available to anyone. more>>>

Effective cooperation

BioMedical Centrum Ltd. is an effective professional bridge between manufacturers and distributors to ensure that product documentation can fully meet the stringent requirements of domestic and EU legislation.

Contact Network

BioMedical Centrum Ltd. cooperates effectively with various local authorities (OGYÉI-OÉTI, OGYÉI-OGYI, ENKK, etc.).

Our main activities:

Maintenance and preparation of product registration dossiers: among others medicines, medical devices, medical aids, non-medicinal medicinal products, special foodstuffs for medical purposes, as well as dietary supplements and cosmetics.


Compilation and revision of literature and clinical summaries


Preparation of expert opinions


The employees of BioMedical Centrum Kft.  undertake if required:

Scientific education (related to the literature on the active ingredient of the products)

Scientific lectures (eg based on the literature on the active ingredient of a product or device)


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