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Look into the world of neurofeedback – What does science say?

Our colleague, Dr. Katalin Czöndör’s latest book will be published soon by the BioMedical Centrum. The book written in English language.

Neurofeedback is a very exciting field among complementary and alternative therapies and year after year, researchers are also becoming more and more interested in this field. It is exciting because it suggests that we can learn to influence our brain functions in a controlled and conscious way. It gets even more interesting when we would like to understand how it works and what the current scientific view of this technique is. This book, by peeking behind the scenes of scientific research, will support the understanding of the complex situation in which the present state of neurofeedback research is and will help in seeing the scientific point of view in a more subtle way.

„Katalin is an innovative and open-minded researcher. She is a neurobiologist who always explores new solutions. In recent years she has become the most productive colleague of our team where she is involved in larger development projects in the sector of medical devices. Through the easy comprehensibility of this book, she simply explains this otherwise very complex topic. This book shows her extraordinary determination to present research findings in an understandable way. She is the author of another successful book, “The Power of Mind Over Body”, which has been already published in three languages. I am sure her new book will be also really interesting to everyone who wants to understand the scientific potential of neurofeedback.”


With the expansion of the BioMedical Centrum team, our company has added a new service. In addition to our various lines of research, development and product registration, primarily in the healthcare sector, we have opened a whole new area, entering into the mental health service centers.

Gábor Molcsán Meditation Trainer joined the team of BioMedical Centrum as a group leader in July 2019. The people-centered therapies he manages provide effective help, both at on individual and group levels, even for companies and schools. Our toolbar can provide a variety of solutions depending on the needs of individuals or a group.

Details will follow soon.

The expansion of our portfolio was triggered by the enormous demand that is now being felt at social level. Mental hygiene help is easy to find anywhere today, but it is much harder to find a good practitioner or a good meditation instructor with the ability to provide effective help.

As with any activity in our company, quality work is no different on this new line. A good specialist in this area is also guaranteed at BioMedical Center.

Feel free to contact us for our quality services.

The Power of Our Mind Over Body is now available in English!

After the great success of last year’s Hungarian and Romanian edition of Dr. Katalin Czöndör’s new book:

The Power of Our Mind Over Body is now available in English!


We are happy to announce that the book of our colleague, Katalin Czöndör, PhD, is now available in English as well!!

The Power of Mind Over Body aims to present insights into scientific results and provide a background for some complementary therapies.

Katalin Czöndör, PhD, is a neurobiologist. Beyond her interest in neuroscience and apart from her research into the function of the nervous system, she has always been deeply interested in psychological processes and has striven to understand these processes along with how neurological, physical and psychological processes affect each other. The years she spent in the scientific field mostly helped her to understand mechanisms on the molecular level, however, she has always been open and curious about those methods and processes which cannot yet be fully explained by science.


The Power of Mind over Body aims to present some examples of those therapies, which are, despite being widely known, often surrounded by an air of mystery, incredulity or misunderstanding. Doubts or suspicions often arise due to the philosophical background of the method (for example, when it has its origins in eastern religions), the intangible, nebulous nature of the practice or the lack of a rational explanation of its function. This book intends to present insights into scientific results, provide a background and offer explanations in order to promote openness toward these therapies.